A Good Night's Sleep

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep :)

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A Note from Ailis:

Everyone loves a good night's sleep, but sometimes it can be hard to fit the right amount of sleep into our schedule. Or sometimes no matter how hard we try we just can’t get out eyes to stay closed! Sleep affects our mental health in a lot more ways than we would realise, so let’s explore that together!

Sleep and Mental Health

Getting a good amount of sleep every night helps our brain look after our bodies. In particular, sleep helps our brain process emotional information. When we don’t get the right amount of time in our bed this can result in our brain’s struggling to consolidate positive emotional information, causing our mood and emotional reactivity to wobble.

Here’s a graphic from mind.org.uk that shows what a lack of sleep can do to our mental health.

Everybody’s situation is different when it comes to a lack of sleep, so it is important to reach out to a professional if you feel like it is an ongoing issue. Check out the link to mind.org.uk below to be directed to some great resources.

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What’s Your Bedtime Routine?

A good bedtime routine and sleep schedule can do wonders for your mental health. I know, sounds too easy right? But it’s true!

Below I have written down a few examples of how you can improve your bedtime routine! But remember while some people may find these ideas useful, they might not work for you, and that is ok! Take your time exploring different bedtime routines and trying new things.

  • Take time to relax and reflect on your day. You could do this by meditating or journaling. (PROMPT: Try tonight to write about three things that you are grateful for!)

  • This one’s been shared a lot… but for good reason! Put your electronic gadgets away at least 30 minutes before bed to give your brain time to wind down away from bright screens.

  • Avoid caffeine and heavy meals. Both of these can heavily disrupt your sleep!

  • Do some stretches to get rid of any lingering heaviness from the day.

You’re a Morning Person? How!?

If you find yourself asking this question often, you’re not alone! I have linked a fun article here that asks 41 morning people how they do it. Maybe you can get some bedtime routine inspiration from their routines?

Well, there we go, a little weekly round-up for you. We hope you had a good start to the week, enjoy the rest (even if the weather is miserable!), and stay connected.
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